Patricia Castillo Music

Patricia Castillo

Patricia Castillo, Texas native, began playing piano at age 4. Self-taught and determined that she wasn't "too little" to learn, she was drawn to music as a child. Recording silly sounds into her tape player was the beginning of a career.


"We as humans, inadvertently take many things for granted. One of those things is music, and the power of it's language."


Moving from Maypearl, at age 6, Patricia, her mother and sister began life in Oak Cliff, TX where Patricia spent the rest of her childhood. She is from a musical family. "As a young child," Patricia explains, "I saw the piano and understood it. I somehow just knew I could play." Growing up she found solace in music as many teenagers do. On Saturday mornings, she and her grandmother sat together at the piano. Patricia used her grandfather's twin sized bed as a piano bench. During these practice sessions, she would open a hymnal, and ask her grandmother what songs she liked, or which songs were sung at church. Grandmother would then pick a song and hum the melody. Patricia would learn the songs by ear. Motivated and determined, song after song, a binder full of notes formed.


Patricia also grew up singing in her local church's children's choir, and as a teen in the praise and worship team. One year as a teenager, she was asked to serve as the Christmas program director and coordinator. This opportunity offered a chance to be creative with playwriting.


It was the beginning of a career,and she didn't even know it. Since then Patricia has continued to develop her talents and performs throughout the DFW for various projects including the Allen Americans National Anthem, WFAA Channel 8's Party on the Plaza, and is an artist for various internet radio shows.

She recently debuted her first Jazz Ep, Something Blue, Something New in 2014, produced by one of Dallas- Ft.Worth's top industry leaders and UNT graduate. Patricia continues to grow and cultivate her career by training, and connecting with new listeners. She sings Jazz, composes, writes, and is recruited for session work. She hopes to continue with music for as long as she feels led to fulfill her duty. 

(Banner Image Credit: Spaz Magazine 2013)