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Meet: An Aspiring Singer/Song-Writer

This month I am shining my  Spaz Spotlight on Patricia Castillo, an aspiring contemporary gospel and pop artist from Dallas, Texas who is singing her way to the top! Castillo’s inspiring journey highlights the importance of never losing faith- no matter what comes your way. Whether you are aspiring to become a musical artist yourself, or simply lack the motivation to do what you truly love- this interview will give you that little push to pursue your passions.

1.  SPAZ: For our Spazzers, who want to get to know you, briefly tell us about the journey it has taken to get here today.

Castillo:  My musical journey began at about age 4. I felt a genuine interest, a calling, in creating the sounds, and feeling the emotions of music. I come from a musical family and give much credit to my mother and grandmother for introducing me to the piano. Growing up, I sacrificed play and free time for learning more songs and preparing music for our local Christmas program.  I have to give credit to my family, my home church, church staff, other musicians, educators, friends, and supporters who have all made this journey possible.

2. SPAZ: What inspires your music?

Castillo: My music is inspired by everyday life, feelings, my family, nature, and my faith, most importantly.”

3. SPAZ: Dead or alive, who is one artist you idolize.

Castillo: Chris Martin from Coldplay. I went to a concert this past summer, and am overwhelmed with excitement, even when I watch the recordings that I captured from my cell phone…eeekk! His songwriting is very intimate, and I love the way he rides his piano bench!

 4.  SPAZ: What are some challenges that you’ve faced or are currently facing as an aspiring artist?

Castillo: Being broke! [laughs] The journey has brought on uncertainty [at times] about whether I’d like to continue with my musical aspirations, but then I will have some sort of providence, that feeds my faith. I have also dealt with physical challenges- minor back problems. It is a constant pain that saps my energy, but I stay positive, and continue doing what I can. Also, at times, I am challenged with figuring out exactly what I’d like to do, solely,   whether it be a Singer-Songwriter role, or recording artist, etc.  Overall, I try not to see them as ‘challenges’, rather, opportunities to grow.

5.  SPAZ: Any current projects? Plans for the future?

Castillo: Yes! Current projects include collaborating with other local artists, and recording a new album! Also, I am auditioning to sing The National Anthem at a Texas Rangers game for 2013. Wish me luck!

6. SPAZ: What is one tip you can give to young guys and gals who want to pursue a similar career in the competitive music industry?

Castillo: One tip is to stay true to one’s self.

7. SPAZ: You sing and you song-write. Which one out of the two is your favorite?

Castillo: That is a tough one, but I would have to say singing, because, it is then, I can hear my idea out loud, and have the satisfaction of expressing myself.













8. SPAZ: Where can we find/download your music and also keep up with your journey?!

Castillo: You can download my original song on iTunes. Simply search Patricia Castillo, and you will see my photo, and my song, “Take My Hand”.

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